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BARIO's Concept

Our ideal is Ramen with passion

We would love to serve carefully prepared ramen to customers, and would love them to feel our sincere dedication for ramen through eating it. The pride as a ramen chef comes from sustaining this earnest attitude toward ramen.

We at BARIO, make Ramen everyday with this concept.


The soup is a vital part of BARIO's Ramen.
Our soup has been added constantly since the shop was open by using a Kurume-ramen-method called "Yobimodoshi".

First of all, we select pork bones strictly according to our criteria and boil them down in bulk, which leads to our thick and creamy soup. We also add some, not only mellow but also sharp flavor, and sweetness of Backfat into the soup.
The soup leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth, and no other Ramen shops offers this mouthwatering soup.


Noodles we are using for both "Ramen" and "Tsukemen" have unique chewing texture, and they are special order noodles provided by "Mikawaya-Seimen".

[Chashu -roasted pork-]

Our homemade Chashu is marinated in special sauce.
We slice them off only when we get order.


BARIO's Recruit


We don't mind about your educational backgrounds,
work experience, and your age,
because we are buddies working in the same place.

If you are interested in working for BARIO or have some questions, please call us for more information.


TEL 03-6273-3933 / 090-2249-0878(Mr. IWASAKI)


BARIO's Shop Information

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